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The Istara, is a popular condominium with the expatriate community. It is easily accessible being centrally  located in the heart of Petaling Jaya, the satellite town of Kuala Lumpur. It's at No. 1, Lorong Utara B, just off the Federal Highway at the Hilton Hotel Junction and is right in back of the Armada Hotel. It offers the panoramic view of of Kuala Lumpur and yet only a 20 minutes drive via the expressway to Putrajaya and Kuala Lumpur International Airport.

The are a range of convenient amenities in its immediate vicinity including banks, supermarket, hospitals, government offices, schools, private colleges, recreation parks and the LRT station.

The Istara offers a full range sporting facilities and amenities. They also have a private swimming pool above the ground level, reflexology walkway, gymnasium, laundry, squash court, convenience store, children's playroom, library, covered parking with CCTV cameras. Upon request arrangements can be quickly made for the sporting facilities at the nearby Astaka Complex or at the Clark Hatch gym at the Hilton.

Their standards we can assure you are uncompromisingly high. They pay attention detail as you'll see in each luxuriously appointed apartment which specially designed for weekly, monthly and yearly rental at very attractive rates.


Best of all is warm welcome that awaits you and your family at The Istara.

Please call  03-74936181 or fax: 03-74936989 for enquiry.




   Check In 2.00 pm                                                                               Check Out 12.00 noon

2 room

1,300Sq Ft

  RM    900.00 per   week

  RM  3,600.00 per month


Fully Furnished* with 1  unit  of   air-conditioner

(Room 1), Microwave, Iron and Toaster.   Cleaning service once a week.


3  room

1,350Sq Ft


1,300Sq Ft


  RM    1000.00 per   week

  RM  4000.00 per month


  RM  1,100.00 per   week

  RM  4,400.00 per month


Fully furnished* with 2 units of air-conditioners (Room 1 & Room 2), Microwave, Iron and Toaster. Cleaning service once a week.

Fully Furnished* with 2 units of air-conditioners (Room 1 & Room 2), Microwave, Toaster

Iron, Cooking Facilities and Washing Machine. Cleaning service twice a week.


2 rooms

1,300Sq Ft


 RM  1200.00 per   week

 RM  4800.00 per month


Fully Furnished* 2 units of  air-conditioners

(Room 1 & Living Hall), Toaster, Iron 

Cooking Facilities, Washing Machine and Internet Broadband. Cleaning service twice a week.


2 rooms 

1,350Sq Ft


 RM  1400.00 per   week

 RM  5,600.00 per month


Fully Furnished* 3 units of  air-conditioners  (Room 1,Room 2 & Living Hall)

DVD Player, Microwave, Toaster, Iron,

Hairdryer, Cooking Facilities, Washing Machine, Cable TV network and Internet Broadband. Cleaning service twice a week.




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